Monday, April 18, 2011

What your Child’s Residential Rehab should have

Are you looking for a Residential Rehab facility for your child? You have probably never imagined that you will be put in this position. No parent wants to think about having to look for a rehab facility for his/her child. You have raised him/her well, so how did this happen? Unfortunately, our children are exposed to certain elements outside the home, and these elements can trigger substance addiction. The most we can do is to spot the first signs of addiction as early as possible, and get him/her the right kind of help.

What substance is s/he addicted to?

You want the best kind of Residential Rehab care so you can’t just settle for public rehabilitation centers which claim to give you the best kind of treatment for all forms of addiction. This is a gross generalization, and the fact is that no single program can treat absolutely any kind of addiction.

Think things through: Is your child addicted to recreational drugs, alcoholic substances or pharmaceutical drugs? What kind of narcotics is s/he exactly addicted to? Is this addiction causing, or maybe triggered by a personality disorder?

You should be very specific in your search to ensure that the Residential Rehab program you are considering includes specialized treatments for your child’s addiction. They should also have an expert psychological staff that can handle dual-addictions, or addictions related to mood disorders.

Thorough care

The more particular Residential Rehab programs are, the higher the chances will be of complete recovery. Choose customized programs over generic/template programs. Custom-fitted rehabilitation programs can give you positive results because they do not overlook any aspect of the addiction. Generic or template programs, on the other hand, are less flexible, and may be forced on your child’s addiction case just because it worked for someone else’s. They can overlook seemingly small aspects of the addiction which could cause regressions later on.

Ideal environment

There are a lot of luxury rehabilitation centers offering spacious rooms, private locations, business centers, spa facilities, and other amenities any high-class resort can offer. If you think these are only whimsical additions, you might want to reconsider. Recent studies have proven that the ideal environment can actually make patients more receptive to their treatments. Even the best rehabilitation programs in the country won’t work on patients who keep on resisting their treatments.

Choose Residential Rehab facilities which would make it more likely for your child to accept his/her rehab treatment. Do not make your child suffer during rehab. You should make him/her learn to love life again and respect his/her body. If the rehab process is less than ideal and it causes your child depressive symptoms, the addiction problem may worsen, and you do not want that.

Proper support

You should also get Residential Rehab centers that can ensure your child’s outpatient support. Those that involve the family are very good choices. Each family member plays a big role in your child’s rehabilitation, especially during the latter parts of the rehab, once s/he is released into your care again. Your child may already have your support, but it is important for your whole family to work as a team during your child’s outpatient stage. Otherwise, serious relapses can occur. Also look for rehab centers which offer outpatient counseling support. Your child will need all the help s/he can get.

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